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Who are we?

Want3dx is an organization that started its operations in 2022. The formation, which is based on 3D printing technologies, offers solutions to many needs in many areas of technology.

Studies are carried out by a team that has done R&D on industrial automation and mechatronic systems for years. We offer joint or independent solutions for electronics, mechanics, software and design.

3d printer

We work for the best

We offer the impossible with engineering materials.

Thanks to our ability to work with materials such as ABS, ASA, PA12, PC, which are difficult to print, we facilitate difficult solutions. You can contact us for the selection of materials suitable for your business.


We set out to build a structure that combines 3D printing technologies with electronics and automation. We are here to develop and grow together with you on this path. 

Basic values


We are here to stand out from the ordinary and design unique projects.

pinpoint solutions

We aim to offer solutions for the needs and to work towards the best.


We follow and apply trend technologies for solutions for your needs.

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